Romantic your life in cottage core


Cottagecore is pretty synonymous with farmcore or countrycore, so it's all about being close to nature and more traditional handicrafts. Fashion-wise this usually translates to a more vintage inspired wardrobe, but leave the 1950s prom dresses behind and instead focus on dressing like a homesteader. While it's a very cute look, ultimately cottagecore pieces tend to be very practical; natural fabrics and comfortable silhouettes, clothes people used to wear to work in their gardens or around the farm. Here are some of the staple pieces to start dressing more cottagecore.

Vintagecore Embroidered Feminine Dress

Rp. 350.250

Embroidered Square Neckline Dress

Rp. 423.340

Elegant Satin Dress With Detachable Scarf

Rp. 403.782

Retro Vibe Lace Up Plaid

Rp. 450.350



Perpaduan warna dress nya sangat cantik yang membuat dress nya mempunyai nilai estetika tersendiri, saya sukaa...
Dress nya cakep bgt asli, aku pake dress ini berasa mbak-mbak pinterest hahaha, kainnya juga dingin jadi nyaman dipake, Love.
Ayse T

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